Adventurous Faith: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Adventurous Faith: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone by [Hance, Tonya]

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Adventurous faith starts the moment you trust God with the journey even though you may not have the map. Set foot on a risky adventure with Rahab to experience a grace that changes everything. Move mountains with Joshua as you walk with a mustard seed of faith around impossible walls. Roll away the stone of unbelief with Martha and step into a dimension of faith where nothing is sure but everything is possible. Turn around and gain a new perspective with Elijah when your spiritual vision becomes distorted. STEP OUTSIDE YOUR COMFORT ZONE! EXPERIENCE ADVENTUROUS FAITH!





You Are Called! 

(A six-week creative study)

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God is calling you just as He called the Bible characters from long ago! 

Insecure. Unaccepted. Lonely. Rejected. The Bible is full of messed up people that God equipped and used. The legacy of God’s calling in their lives serves as an example for us today. Our potential is unlimited because we serve a limitless God!

Explore ways that God has called you as Bible characters are dramatically brought to life in this six-week creative study.






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“Selah!” consists of inspirational short story devotions and is inspired by the  Hebrew phrase,   “Selah,”   which means to pause and reflect. 

Your journey of faith will come alive as you are inspired to see    God’s   activities in the day- to – day life.    Examine how life interruptions become blessings in disguise and experience Biblical characters in a new way.  

Learn the power of forgiveness. Break free from shame.  Cling to  God’s characteristics.   Trust  God as you walk around the walls in your life.  Step into the waters of grace.   

 Pause, reflect, and know that God is real! 



“Shattered Trust”

Shattered Trust cover


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As a young child, Tara’s trust was shattered in unimaginable ways by a pastor. Convinced that God is the same tyrant and tormentor that her abuser was, Tara cannot understand why her roommate, Wendy, is drawn to Him. After Wendy bribes her to visit a young adult ministry, Tara begins to question who God really is. Tara’s heart slowly begins to soften as God reveals Himself to her until suddenly she is trapped in an abusive relationship with a man she met on the internet.

Will Tara ever find a trust that won’t be shattered?





“It’s A God Thing”




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God Moments! Divine Appointments! God Things! Coincidences or divine appointments? What are God things? “It’s a God Thing!” – an inspirational devotional written in a down-to-earth and vulnerable manner- explores God moments and divine appointments as the author describes her own journey with Christ and encourages readers to look for ways that God is working in their own lives.



 Inspirational Moments –

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Inspirational photography portraying landscape scenery of the Southwest and Rocky Mountains coupled with animals and ghost towns in conjunction with encouraging Scriptures.





Captured Inspirations – $32.45

An inspirational book of landscape photography coupled with inspiring Scripture!!