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Speaking Engagements

Tonya does inspirational speaking on various topics including grace, the power of prayer, forgiveness, and plugging into God’s Word at churches, retreats, and events. She has presented her program, “Step Into The Light” at numerous events around the state.

Step Into the Light” incorporates caving and spiritual analogies as a unique approach to presenting the plan of salvation. This presentation consists of demonstrations of caving techniques along with audience participation and Biblical references.

Tonya incorporates caving analogies to help lead people to Christ by operating on the premise that without Jesus one lives in a spiritual cave of darkness and by combining caving techniques and Biblical references as analogies to show the need for Christ’s light in our lives. This presentation is a result of her own spiritual journey from being stuck in a dark, hopeless place to experiencing the light and freedom of God’s love. Tonya spent many years of her life as a painfully shy, withdrawn social recluse trapped behind strongholds and walls she had erected. She is a living example of how God can change people from the inside out, make beauty from ashes, and totally transform lives. Her favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13, “I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength”.

Please Contact Tonya if you are interested in having her speak