“Elm Haven Fellowship social committee planned a delightful evening of soup and salad meal followed by a guest speaker, Tonya Hance.  It occurred the evening of February 23 at the Windsor Recreation Center.  The invited speaker, Tonya Hance, presented a beautiful program entitled, “Step Into the Light”. She projected pictures taken from her hobby of spelunking. Spelunking was shown to be an interesting and demanding hobby of cave exploration.  From personal caving expeditions, the speaker drew numerous spiritual lessons which we may apply to our walk of life.  In addition she gave the audience a chance to test whether they would be candidates for the rigors of spelunking.  There were some takers to the challenge, and some managed while others failed to squirm their way through a very confining wooden rectangle used to simulate the confining passages confronting cave explorers.”  – Elm Haven Seventh Day Adventist Church, Windsor, CO